Matsyodari Shikshan Santha's
Arts, Science and Commerce College Ambad
Dis. Jalna-431204
Re-accrediated at 'A' level by NAAC


Research is a crucial activity for any college and without the active involvement of its faculty members and students; it will be difficult to sustain the academic and professional knowledge of the faculty members and students. Standard research activities generate new knowledge and skills, besides update existing ones. We can bring a shift in the paradigm from teacher-fuelled learning to students-initiated research and book based learning, to students creating their own meaning.


The CRC aims to support and promote research and research training within and outside the college. Members of the CRC are required to play a proactive role in creating a research environment in the College. The committee will endeavour to foster research within the college and encourage members of staff to apply for research grants. Some of the aims are as: To encourage, maintain and support research activities in the college 1. To formulate and implement policy recommendations for the strategic development of research and research training in conjunction with other relevant committees of the college 2. To make proposals for allocation of funds for research activities in the college

Research Committee

  1. Dr. Katkar S. S.
  2. Dr. Pathre R. F.
  3. Dr. Bhutekar D. D.
  4. Dr. Jadhav V. S
  5. Mr. Khoje S. K.